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Retirement Calculator

The Retirement Calculator is a tool for you to use to determine whether you have enough assets and/or are saving and investing enough to meet your retirement needs. You can also use the calculator to see what kind of returns you require on your savings and investments to reach your goals.

Based on the information you provide and the assumptions you make, the Retirement Calculator will project graphically the value of your investments over your life. Should the end result be negative, you need to increase the amount of your saving or increase the returns your need to receive on your investments.

Try a number of different assumptions, for example on the annual growth of your salary/income, to understand the sensitivity of the projections.

Enter your values in the fields below, then click 'Submit' to view your lifetime values and graphs - and a synopsis of just how good your investment plan is likely to be.

Retirement Calculator
Your Age Now*  yrs
* Note that the age at which you start investing, and the average annual return that you get from your investments are the two most significant factors in successful retirement planning. Even quite small changes to these two factors can make a large impact on your eventual returns - which is why excessive fees can be devastating to your future. Try it out!
Planned Retirement Age  yrs
How Long Do You Expect To Live?  yrs
Your Current Situation
Current Monthly Salary (after-tax) Cash on Hand/Fixed Deposits
Percentage of current salary invested (including RA's, unit trusts, etc.) Unit Trusts
Expected annual increase in salary up to retirement Shares
Expected once-off annual investment (e.g. bonuses) Current value of RA/Provident Fund
Current value of Pension
When You Retire
Expected once-off costs at retirement as a percentage of retirement amount Percentage of salary required for retirement years
Expected growth of funds prior to retirement* Expected annual inflation rate
Expected growth of funds after retirement Expected annual increase in pension amount after retirement (cost of living adjustment)


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