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Fund Performances

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Top Performers
1 week
1.SIM Dividend + Index Fund (A1)
2.Old Mutual SA Quoted Property Fund (A)
3.Grindrod Global Property Income Fund (C)
4.Grindrod Global Property Income Fund (A)
5.Prudential Enhanced SA Property Tracker Fund (A)
6.Prudential Enhanced SA Property Tracker Fund (D)
7.Oasis Property Equity Fund (A)
8.Catalyst Global Real Estate PSG Feeder Fund (A)
9.Momentum Small/Mid-Cap Fund (A)
10.Marriott International Real Estate Feeder Fund (A)
1 month
1.Investec Property Equity Fund (H)
2.Investec Property Equity Fund (A)
3.Coronation Financial Fund (A)
4.Prudential Enhanced SA Property Tracker Fund (A)
5.Catalyst SA Property Equity PSG Fund (A)
6.Stanlib Property Income Fund (B1)
7.Stanlib Property Income Fund (A)
8.Old Mutual SA Quoted Property Fund (A)
9.SIM Dividend + Index Fund (A1)
10.Coronation Property Equity Fund (A)
6 months
1.Investec Value Fund (R)
2.Investec Value Fund (H)
3.Investec Value Fund (A)
4.Investec Value Fund (B)
5.Nedgroup Investments Global Equity Feeder Fund (A)
6.Investec Commodity Fund (R)
7.Investec Commodity Fund (H)
8.Old Mutual Global Equity Fund (R)
9.Investec Commodity Fund (B)
10.Investec Commodity Fund (A)
Bottom Performers
1 week
1.Sanlam Asia Pacific Fund of Funds
2.Coronation Top 20 Fund (A)
3.Coronation Top 20 Fund (B4)
4.Marriott Dividend Growth Fund (R)
5.Momentum Equity Fund (A)
6.Momentum Equity Fund (R)
7.Consilium MET Worldwide Flexible Fund (A)
8.Coronation Equity Fund (A)
9.Coronation Equity Fund (B2)
10.Coronation Equity Fund (R)
1 month
1.Old Mutual Gold Fund (A)
2.Old Mutual Gold Fund (R)
3.Sanlam Asia Pacific Fund of Funds
4.Consilium MET Worldwide Flexible Fund (A)
5.Momentum International Equity Feeder Fund (A)
6.MiPlan IP Sarasin EquiSar Feeder Fund (A1)
7.Stanlib Global Equity Feeder Fund (A)
8.Stanlib Global Equity Feeder Fund (R)
9.Coronation Global Opportunities Equity Feeder Fund (A)
10.Coronation Global Opportunities Equity Feeder Fund (B2)
6 months
1.Grindrod High Income Fund (C)
2.Sanlam Asia Pacific Fund of Funds
3.Investec Gilt Fund (H)
4.Stanlib Flexible Income Fund (B1)
5.Stanlib Aggressive Income Fund (B1)
6.Prescient Income Saver Fund (A2)
7.Momentum Diversified Yield Fund (A)
8.Stanlib Bond Fund (R)
9.Stanlib Bond Fund (A)
10.Momentum Bond Fund (A)
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